quote from the novel, Messages for Sun, chapter 14
..... I knew Tycho was back from Flinders Island because of the small painting I received in the mail, a detailed version of the design he’d done on my plaster. The vase of sunflowers was on a table this time. Off in the distance was a row of pines and a stretch of sea – a bit like the view from the track leading to his place. Floating above the landscape was a new moon suspended in an early evening sky.
   After examining the details I turned it over, hoping to find a poem on the back. Instead he’d written this:
   Sun, Happy 18th birthday
   Tycho xx
   I let my index finger rest over the two crosses after his name. ...


about the Tycho's painting
Acryllic on board: Summer Dreaming
by the Australian artist, Peter Cuffley, 2007. 


Summer Dreaming by Peter Cuffley.JPG