If you're a writer who'd rather be writing than navigating the complexities of self-publishing, you might find my self-publishing mentoring service helpful. Based on an hourly rate, I can either guide you through the process, or alternatively, I can work through the different steps on your behalf. 

There's so much material about self-publishing on-line. On my own self-publishing journey, I wasted too much precious time and headspace making mistakes because much of the advice is US based; also, the advice tended to be relevant to prolific writers who didn't seem to have the degree of emotional investment I had in my work. I discovered that my (very high) standard regarding the appearance of a book didn't align with many of the services provided. 

So if you're keen to have a professional looking book and would like some straight forward pointers around ISBN codes, formatting for ebooks and print-on-demand, the option of templates, cover design, uploading files, the range of services provided by different companies and distributors, setting up accounts ..... it's an extensive list and I'm happy to help.


I charge an hourly rate of $35.00. Skype or phone conversation(s) are part of this service. Send me a message if you're interested - I offer a free 15 minute phone or Skype conversation to help us determine if my self-publishing mentoring service would be useful for you.