What's the process?:
When reading a body of work entrusted to me, I love opening myself to what the writer is doing or trying to do. I indicate page by page where I feel connected with the writing while sometimes querying gaps or points where I perceive a change of voice or tone. I might also suggest opportunities for the writer to consider structural changes - what would happen if the story started here; if this element was expanded; if we heard more from this character? The aim of my reading and feedback is to enable a writer to continue with their project, whether fiction or memoir, in an inspired way.

Range from $200 AU for approximately 10,000 words to $500 AU for 50,000 words. The price includes a considered reading, comments at the end of each chapter or section, as well as an overall summary at the end. A thirty minute Skype conversation about the work is also available for an extra $25.00 fee.

Please contact me if you would like to find out more.


Freefall Writing Resources

As a student of the Canadian author and writing teacher, Barbara Turner-Vesselago, my reading and response to a work-in-progress is centred in my experience of her remarkable Freefall writing workshops and mentorship programs.To find out more about Freefall writing workshops and resources, you can visit Barbara Turner-Vesselago's website here