The unofficial bio:  Ten Random Facts About Me:

  1. My favourite book is The Pea Pickers by Eve Langley.
  2. I live on a tidal inlet off Westernport Bay in Victoria, Australia.
  3. In my novel Messages for Sun I love Mark just as much as Tycho.
  4. I used to make books. Maybe I'll do that again one day.
  5. I love watching birds flying low over the water.
  6. I have a weakness for hand-made Japanese paper.
  7. I've got two manuscripts that I'm working on.
  8. I can't help collecting heart-shaped leaves.
  9. I love sleeping on our boat. It's called the Julie Ann because she's the same vintage as me.
  10. I believe sharing stories with babies and children is a powerful way of helping to create a more compassionate world.